Spirit of Gamer AirBlade 100 - 1.6 Inch - Blue (LF-37-R)

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Spirit of Gamer, AIRBLADE 100 RED  -Up to  15,6"laptops

Max cooling efficiency and dynamic cold air Flow with 2 silent 120 mm led fans/

Metallic and ABS structure /Adjustable angle from 6 to 28°

USB Braided nylon cable included

2 USB ports for maximum efficiency: Air Blade 100 is powered by your laptop via USB (5V): it requires no power adapter.

Ergonomic design with 5 adjustable positions: Air Blade 100 offers true visual comfort avoiding uncomfortable and painful postures. Adjust the inclination as needed, from 6 ° to 28 °.

Fan speed dimmer Nylon cable 2 USB ports