DeepCool CL500 is a mid-tower ATX case designed for high airflow and ease of use to provide builders a sensible chassis with better functionality featuring 4 included A-RGB fans.

Model Name AC Input DC output
+3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5Vsb Total
GEX1050 AC100-240V
47-63Hz 13-6A 20A 20A 87.5A 0.3A 3A 1050W
120W 1050W 3.6W 15W
Connector Main CPU Peripherals S-ATA PCI-E
Pin 24(20+4) Pins 8(4+4) Pins 8 Pins 4 Pins 5 Pins 8(6+2) Pins
GEX1050 1 1 1 4 12 8