HP V10 RGB 32GB DDR4 3600MHz U-DIMM CL14 2x16G


- Selective Samsung B-Die Extraordinary Quality: Each memory kit contains specially screened Samsung B-Die ICs through HP's unparalleled selection process. These ICs enable the V10 to offer low latency, high frequency and superb stability.
- High Frequency and Low Timing Improve PC Performance: V10 comes in 8 GB or 16 GB with dual and quad kits for superior performance. The product offers three frequencies (3200 MHz / 3600 MHz / 4000 MHz) with low timings. The lower the timing, the faster the RAM.
- XMP 2.0 One-Click Overclocking Ultimate Performance: Overclocking gets you the ultimate performance. HP V10 DRAM supports Intel XMP 2.0 one-click overclocking with preset overclocking profiles to improve game frame rates and running speeds.
- Vivid RGB Lighting Competitive Atmosphere: With 8 independent lighting areas, 16 million colors, and 10+ lighting controls, the outstanding RGB colorful lighting effect of the V10 is full of gaming sense. Supports ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light and ASRock Polychrome Sync software to sync with RGB system lighting.