ASUS TUF GAMING B760M-PLUS D4 Intel(13th and 12th Gen) LGA 1700 mATX motherboard,PCIe 5.0,2xPCIe 4.0 M.2 slots,DDR4,WiFi 6,2.5Gb LAN,

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TUF GAMING B760M-PLUS D4 takes all the essential elements of the latest Intel® processors and combines them with game-ready features and proven durability. Engineered with military-grade components, an upgraded power solution and a comprehensive cooling system, this motherboard goes beyond expectations with rock-solid performance for marathon gaming. TUF GAMING motherboards also undergo rigorous endurance testing to ensure that they can handle conditions where others may fail. Aesthetically, this model incorporates an embossed nameplate and geometric design elements to reflect the dependability and stability that defines the TUF GAMING series