ADATA Micro SD Memory Card, 32 GB class 4 | 75 EGP

ADATA Micro SD Memory Card 32 GB class 4

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As the demand for digital storage devices continuously grows‎,‎ ADATA is at the forefront with improved‎,‎ top‎-notch memory solutions‎.‎ Taking the microSD to the next level‎,‎ ADATA is pleased to introduce the microSDHC ‎(‎Secure Digital High Capacity‎)‎‎,‎  The ADATA microSDHC Class 4 provides cellular phones even more memory storage for multimedia‎,‎ business and personal data‎.‎ The microSDHC’s 4 MB/s transfer rate places it as the top choice for micro storage devices and a must‎-have for your mobile life‎.‎

  • Standard‎:‎ SDA 2.0
  • Performance‎:‎ Speed ‎(‎read‎)‎ ‎:‎ 10~14 ‎(‎MB/s‎)‎** / Speed ‎(‎write‎)‎ ‎:‎ 4~5 ‎(‎MB/s‎)‎**
  • Note‎:‎ **Read/write speed based on ADATA internal testing‎;‎ performance may be lower depending on host device‎.‎
  • Speed Class‎:‎ Class 4
  • Compatibility‎:‎ mobile phone/ Smartphone/ Tablet
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ModelMicro SD