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DDR5 Overwhelming Performance Enhanced Bandwidth Efficiency: KLEVV DDR5 SO-DIMM memory module delivers starting speed at 4800MT/s which leads to faster increase of fundamental frequency. It shows 1.87 times better bandwidth efficiency compared to DDR4 memory.
Lower Voltage, Highly Improved Performance Built-in PMIC: While achieving 20% lower power consumption compared to DDR4 memory, DDR5 memory can reduce dynamic voltage and increase power efficiency, enabling for better power distribution.
Improved Work Efficiency Fast Data Transfer: With higher memory bandwidth and even faster speed, DDR5 memory can shorten the response time of multi core processor and optimize the system performance as a whole. Through this, more efficient multitasking can be delivered.
Innovative Power Management Technology Built-in PMIC: The DDR5 has power management transferred from the motherboard to the memory and effective system power loads are managed through PMIC technology.
Decreased Operating Voltage: The DDR5 can exhibit high performance even with a lower operating voltage of 1.1V.
Next Generation Performance DDR5: The data bus channel of existing DDR4 memory module is designed to exchange data in a 64-bit single channel, but DDR5 module allows 32-bit data to be exchanged with dual channels. You can also use only one of the two memory channels to increase memory access efficiency as well as the transfer speed.
Fixing Issue from the Chip Itself Improving Stability through On-Die ECC: On-Die ECC (On-Die Error Correction Code) inside the chip allows single-bit correction. It improves application security by enhancing overall data reliability.


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